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Meet ProSoft partner RAControls during DREMA fair in Poland


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Meet ProSoft partner RAControls during DREMA fair in Poland

ProSoft Technology and RAControls are pleased to invite you to DREMA - the biggest trade show for the Wood and Furniture industry in Central-Eastern Europe. The trade show will take place in Poznan, Poland from September 12 to 15. The event is celebrating its 33rd anniversary, and allows you to meet key vendors and customers working in the Wood and Furniture industry. 

You can find ProSoft solutions inside the Rockwell Automation® Demo Van, parked at place 14. We would like to invite you as well to attend RAControls’ seminar, “Building safe machines for wood and furniture’s market.” Several topics will be covered during this presentation, including how to design machines following current EU safety rules; how to make risk analyses; real-life examples of how safety systems work; and information about automation trends related to Industry 4.0 and Smart Machines.To participate, go to Class 3 (entresol) at Pavilion 3!

Learn more about Rockwell Automation’s demo van here.

Register for the event: