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What values would you see if you didn’t have to go to a remote spot every week to troubleshoot a minor issue? Reduced travel costs, access to real-time data, more time to grow your business, decreased downtime thanks to predictive maintenance.
Access to a secure solution is key for successful remote connectivity. ProSoft has been connecting machines to higher-level systems for a long time. Discover below how you will revolutionize your remote access with an intuitive cloud-native platform, ProSoft Connect, and reliable gateway solutions for industrial applications.

Keeping Your Remote Equipment Secure

ProSoft Connect’s layered approach keeps your application secure. The industry-first Virtual Lockout-Tagout ensures your assets are safe during critical tasks.

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Benefits for OEMs and System Integrators

Machine builders and system integrators are increasingly setting service agreements as an additional revenue stream. With multiple projects and clients being handled simultaneously, the ability to separate access for each customer is paramount.

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Real-World Examples

network enclosure

Oil and gas company now remotely monitoring operation

“ProSoft Connect allows my team to remotely access our systems, eliminating significant drive time while improving system operation.”

water treatment plants

Monitoring Italian water treatment plants from Canada

A water company needed to get information from its pumping and water treatment stations using ProSoft’s cellular remote access solution. Its protocol flexibility was a bonus.


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